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Since 2020 Dallara has been supplying the Super Formula Lights Championship in Japan with Dallara 320 cars. This Championship is the heir to the historic Japanese Formula 3 championship "All-Japan Formula Three Championship" which is considered to be a preparatory category for the highest Japanese and European categories (Super Formula, Super GT, Formula 2, Formula E, Formula 1).

The Dallara 320 is based on the 2017 Dallara Formula 3 model in terms of suspensions and the engine. The main changes concern the monocoque that meets the latest FIA safety requirements, including the titanium Halo.

Dallara's research on composite materials has made it possible to achieve minimum weight targets for the Dallara 320 car which places it at the top of its category. The car requires the use of various naturally aspirated engines, with a "cigar" side airbox that once distinguished the previous Formula 3 cars.