Since the founding of Dallara in the 1980s and probably because of the university education of  Giampaolo Dallara, the company has developed skills in the aerodynamics field (research, studies, calculations and experimentation).

With over 35 years of experience mainly acquired in racing and road consultancy, the Dallara Aerodynamic Department has consolidated an aerodynamic development process able to fully meet the needs of different customers and that is appliable to either Motorsport, Automotive and more generic industrial contexts.
A highly qualified team, made up of more than 100 people including aerodynamic engineers, CAD designers and technicians, together with advanced technologies, have the objective of guaranteeing:
• Flexibility, adapting the development process to the specific customers requests.
• Efficiency, providing high quality results in the shortest possible time.
• Reduced deadline time, shortening reaction times and optimizing all development phases, from the product concept to the product resolution.
• Confidentiality of data, with private work spaces dedicated to individual projects.

Thanks to the experience gained by Dallara during the years in the use of the wind tunnel, numerical simulations and product development, the aerodynamic department is able to support the customer in achieving their goals.

The Dallara wind tunnel, featuring closed circuit and a moving belt, uses advanced data measurement tools, visualization techniques and automated control and movement system of the model. The models used in the wind tunnel are brought to life with high resolution and attention to detail, through the support of a specialized rapid prototyping department which has been part of the company for almost 20 years. Expert model makers and the use of specific laser technologies guarantee the maximum assembly precision of each component. A dedicated software for data analysis, was developed and is continuously updated by our aerodynamic engineers and IT systems, to ensure efficiency and flexibility for data processing.

Numerical simulation (Computational Fluid Dynamics) has taken on a fundamental role in the aerodynamic process over the years, becoming an indispensable and complementary tool to the wind tunnel. The continuous investments in hardware and software and the specific skills gained by our engineers allow Dallara to offer customers the most innovative numerical simulation techniques in the representation of aerodynamic phenomena. The simulations that are typically carried out by our engineers, range from performance development to the advanced analysis of complementary phenomena. For this reason, in addition to product development, a team of engineers is constantly dedicated to research and development, in order to optimize the process and the modeling of the most complex aerodynamic phenomena.