Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility indicates the company's attention towards its impact on the environment and the community and its involvement in activities in favor of a fair development of society and territory.

We think that a company must create value by respecting the context in which it is placed in, with particular regard to the environment, to leave a better world for future generations. With this vision in mind, we have implemented a series of initiatives and are committed to achieve others in the future. We have carried out interventions to improve the energy efficiency of our plants and reduce the CO2 emissions due to our activities (e.g. thermal insulation, photovoltaic panels)
We carry out a careful separate collection of waste, and we allocate what is reusable for recovery. We are ISO 14001 certified for the Environmental Management System. With regard to composite materials, widely used in our production, we are engaged in the study and research of natural fibers (eg. linen) alternatives to those of Carbon, to be used in the manufacturing of the molds and some cars components; we select resins with more eco-sustainable constituent elements. This allows us, with equal project efficiency, to reduce the environmental impact both in terms of production and waste and consequent emissions into the enviroment. From January 2020, for our offices, we only purchase energy produced from renewable sources certified by the "Guarantees of Origin" system of the Energy Services Manager, based on the EC Directive 2009/28 / EC. The refreshment areas of our companies in Italy are equipped with natural or sparkling water dispensers from which all employees can fill up water bottles that we have supplied them with, to discourage the use of plastic bottles.


Training & Education
In Dallara we are working to create a network of relationships with the schools, universities, training institutions, other businesses and the public administrations. We are also doing it for our valley, Valceno, because we want to contribute to the development of the Territory: we believe the challenge within global competition is not between individual companies, but between territorial systems that will compete for the future and the international markets.

Consistent with this vision, Dallara is the promoter and activator of numerous initiatives with the aim to offer concrete growth opportunities to territory, spreading the technical-scientific culture, building a highly specialized educational system integrated with local production chains, enhancing the district of companies engaged in the research and processing of composite materials. Dallara is:

  • An active part in the Technical-Professional Center on mechanics and composite materials, assigned to Fornovo by the Emilia-Romagna Region, which connects the school (I.I.S.S. Gadda of Fornovo and the I.I.S.S. Berenini of Fidenza) with professional training institutions and companies.
  • Partner in the para-university course of Higher Technical Education (ITS), in association with the ITS Maker Foundation which connects major companies (including Ducati and Ferrari), training institutions, and the universities of Parma, Modena and Reggio.
  • Main partner in the Experis MotorSport Academy for post-university advanced training courses and professional retraining courses for the unemployed (fitters, laminators) to be included in the motorsport area.
  • Partner of Innovation Farm, a non-profit company with other local companies and training institutions that led to setting up classrooms and workshops inside the Polo di Fornovo suitable for training for Industry 4.0.
  • Promoter and partner of the Motorvehicle University of Emilia - Romagna (MUNER) course, between the Emilia-Romagna Region, the universities of the Region such as the University of Bologna, Ferrara, Modena and Reggio Emilia, Parma- and the motor houses that represent the excellence of Made in Italy in the world and have historical roots in the territory (Automobili Lamborghini, Dallara, Ducati, Ferrari, Haas F1, HPE, Magneti Marelli, Maserati, Pagani and Toro Rosso). MUNER currently offers 7 university master courses held entirely in English to students from all over the world, with the aim of training and putting tomorrow's engineers to work. In particular in Varano De 'Melegari, at the Dallara Academy (as a "branch" of the University of Parma), we host the 2nd year lessons of the specialist degree in Racing Car Design, with Professors from the University of Parma and also with Dallara’s Technical Managers.
  • Main sponsor of Formula SAE Italy, which is held every summer at the Riccardo Paletti Circuit in Varano De ’Melegari. Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) is a week-long international event, organized in Italy by ANFIA, in which about 2000 engineering faculty students from all over the world (27 nations and 80 universities represented in 2019) live together and challenge each other in the design, construction, management and test activities of single-seater cars on the track. The participating teams face various tests, which consist of dynamic presentations or activities on the track, on which they are evaluated both at a technical and managerial level by juries of experts from the motorsport / automotive sector. Dallara is a convinced supporter of the event, actively collaborates in the organization and provides technicians and managers as judges. Dallara also often offers the opportunity to those who stand out during the competition to join the company.

Regarding general and not strictly technical education, since 2004 Dallara has been offering 2 scholarships every year for the best students of the Varano Melegari middle school, consisting of a study holiday in the United Kingdom, to reward merit in the school and to promote and encourage the exercise of the English language from a young age. 

Since 2020 Dallara has been a "Giocampus" partner, a public-private educational alliance between different institutions and companies of the city and province of Parma. Giocampus organizes weeks of extra-school entertainment for children, cultivating the values of sport, respect for the environment, proper nutrition, through play and learning activities; Dallara offers its contribution with recreational workshop activities on composite materials both in the Giocampus in Parma and in the Dallara Academy.
The educational workshops in the Dallara Academy are another tangible expression of the contribution to the training of students from middle and high schools, who can test themselves at physics experiments applied to the world of cars. Guided tours, of the car exhibition, are arranged for the little ones with fun activities to introduce them to the motorsport world.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy guides us into creating value also through people-centered management: we believe that our collaborators are the driving force behind the prosperity and longevity of our company, thanks to the team spirit and excellent qualities they possess. Supporting employees in reconciling work and private life is a fundamental part of Dallara's welfare program. It is developed through an offer of services and initiatives in favor of staff, including: an affiliated company canteen; kindergarten, after school and summer camps at special rates for the employees' children. It offers hourly flexibility in entry and exit from work, facilitation services of daily tasks (e.g. delivery of personal parcels in the company), and the opportunity to shop in public shops at discounted rates, health prevention and screening initiatives. Dallara employees who love art, music and theater can attend shows, visit museums and exhibitions taking advantage of reserved agreements, and have the right of first refusal to seats to attend shows, conferences, debates and conferences for free, hosted in the Dallara Academy Auditorium. Furthermore, in order to better safeguard the health and safety of workers, we have obtained the OHSAS 18001 Certification for the Occupational Health and Wellness Management System.

An important aspect of social responsibility for Dallara is the enhancement of cultural heritage through multiple activities in the local area, starting with collaborations with the Teatro Regio of Parma for the "Verdi" Festival, the "Arturo Toscanini" Philharmonic, the Parma Jazz Festival and the Valceno Arte Festival. In the Dallara Academy, in addition to the permanent car exhibition, we host events, concerts, shows, conventions and conferences of general interest open to the public free of charge, in close collaboration with the ProLoco of Varano.


In 2007 in Mabesseneh, Sierra Leone, the Friends of Sierra Leone association, a non-profit organization founded by a laic Parmesan missionary, created the artisan village "THE FUTURE" made up of 4 pavilions / workshops for carpentry, mechanical carpentry, agriculture and automotive mechanics, to stimulate the creation of small production companies which are fundamental for the development of the local economy. As part of this project, in 2008 the "Caterina Dallara" mechanical workshop was created, financed by the Dallara family to remember the second-born daughter of Eng. Giampaolo Dallara, who died prematurely in 2007 at the age of 40 due to illness, she also was an engineer and her father's right-hand man as Commercial Manager of the family company. In the workshop, the young people who come from professional schools gain preparation and experience and, thanks to scholarships funded by benefactors, they specialize and find work as mechanics.

In the local area, Dallara supports charitable voluntary organizations, for example, in public assistance, in the social integration of disabled people, in promoting the civil values of tolerance and inclusion among students in the local schools (e.g. sponsor of the ISREC - Historical Institute of the Resistance that annualy organizes the Memory Journey in the main symbolic areas of the Shoha) and in helping disadvantaged children. It also supports activities of the local sport clubs for children and young people, it collaborates in initiatives that raise awareness on road education and safe driving and also adheres to fundraising campaigns for research and to fight against various diseases (e.g. A.I.L.).

Since 2016 he has been one of the founders and active supporters of "MUNUS Onlus", the Parma Community Foundation.
"MUNUS Onlus" works in the area to promote the culture of solidarity by supporting people, families, institutions, businesses and organizations that wish to contribute in the construction of the common good, with the creation and management of "Patrimonial Funds" intended for projects with an impact on the Community.