Dallara offers engineering consultancy services for automotive competitions in the fields of mechanical design, prototyping, performance analysis, stylistic studies, research, quality control, experimentation and prototypes production.
Cutting-edge technology, paired with a highly skilled staff, allows us to reach good results in rapid and flexible time. The Dallara consultancy service is based on the specific needs of the client; we include: style studies, total design process assistance, performance analyses and the production of the fully-working  prototype. Dallara has become the added value for its customers because it has allowed them to gain numerous successes. Among the customers we can mention the collaborations with Lancia, Ferrari, Maserati, Audi and Toyota.

Right from the opening season in 2014, Dallara exclusively designs and develops the suspension units and some important structural components such as the monocoque frame and the battery container for Spark Racing Technologies, sole supplier of the Formula E Championship. Starting from 2018, Dallara has developed a new car, the Gen2 with a doubled battery autonomy (Mc Laren Applied Technologies) which allows the car to finish the race without having to stop or change the car, which used to happen with the previous Gen1 model. The Gen2 features the Halo and the wheels are almost entirely shrouded, to reduce turbolence and drag.

Since 2016 Dallara has been actively collaborating with the Haas Formula 1 team in the development of the car, especially for the aerodynamics, the vehicle dynamics, the design and the structural calculation of the car. The engine and transmission are supplied by Ferrari with whom Dallara and Haas work, to integrate the various components. Since 2019, Dallara has allowed Haas to use the Driving Simulator which contributes to develop precise mathematical models of the racing cars. Thanks to the use of the Simulator, the American team can explore different simulation solutions that accure during the competitions all over the world.