One of the most important aspects at Dallara is the ability to start from an idea or concept, and to be able to effectively translate that to the design of the parts related to the given project.
Some of Dallara’s most often used tools include:

  • PTC Creo
  • Marker 12 by Eastman
  • Dassault Catia
  • Dymola
  • Simulia

These tools have been essential in Dallara USA’s development of all the motorsport, aerospace, and defense programs.

R&D e Prototyping
Dallara USA supplies composite components for all industries. With the guidance and know-how companies such as Dallara Automobili and Dallara Compositi, the company can offer quick and effective solutions. When starting the prototyping phase, you usually need feedback from product tests in a short time: the commitment in the competition sector has allowed Dallara to implement a more efficient and faster design in the production of small batches for tests in track on the race weekend. This peculiarity has also favored the entry of the company in other sectors, including aerospace.

Dallara USA is strategically set-up to take care of small-scale manufacturing needs, while also being able to maintain the current products and services within the motorsports and aerospace industries. Almost all components on the IndyCar and Indy NXT vehicles are manufactured either in-house at Dallara USA or somewhere locally through collaboration efforts with different suppliers.

Plant & Equipment
The 11,150 square meter Indianapolis facility is home to several key pieces of equipment and services for the different activities of Dallara USA.