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In 2018 the FIA (International Automobile Federation) acquired direct control of the organization of the F2 Championship and renewed the agreement, which dates back to 2005, with Dallara as sole supplier of all chassis and related spare parts.

The F2 championship is preparatory to Formula 1 because the races take place on the same tracks and during the same weekends as the F1 races, with drivers and teams closely observed by the F1 team managers. 

There are many striking similarities with F1: as a result of the 2017 rule change, the cars are wider and longer, the wings are larger with the tail shifted further back to maximise downforce. Mecachrome supplied the 620 bhp 3.4-litre V6 turbo engine, replacing the old 4-litre V8. In terms of safety, since 2019 the Dallara F2 2019 has a Halo and the safety standards of the chassis are the same as for Formula 1 2018.