The Dallara USA Driving simulator is one of only three simulators in the world. The first one had been developed in partnership with Ferrari in 2010, at the historic factory in Maranello, Italy. A second simulator quickly followed; delivered to Dallara Automoibili in 2011. This simulator is primarily used as a development tool for the Dallara Group’s various motorsport projects, as well as in consulting with major sports cars manufacturers. Lastly, the third simulator found it’s home in our Speedway facility in 2014, to focus on all of the North American and United States developments, as well as driver training.
The Dallara Driving Simulator is the most precise simulator dedicated to professional racing drivers and engineers. The tool helps drivers with learning the ins and outs of new tracks and cars with similar, if not better results than in real-world testing.
Using such a precise simulator gives the drivers and the engineers precious data without dealing with the cost, complexity, and unpredictability of real-world testing sessions. As it operates in a controlled environment, the simulator can imitate an infinite number of real-life scenarios and situations, thanks to the complete control over all its parameters. Our tire thermal model lets you prepare qualifying and race setups based on tire degradation, track characteristics and weather conditions. Any change can be made instantly via our proprietary user interface, specifically designed for speed, ease of use, and security of data.
Our simulator also gives the drivers and the engineers a deeper understanding of the data gathered during the testing sessions. At testing, you will have access to the same data channels as you would in a real car. You are able to access all these channels at the same time, which is impossible to measure simultaneously outside of the simulator. The accuracy of these channels is even greater in the simulator, as you will not have to deal with the signal noise and the calibration errors that you would experience in the real world. Due to our commitment to data security, only your team will have access to the data gathered in your session. Dallara operates as a sort-of confidential “black-box.”
Our simulator offers more than just race cars. High performance street cars along with a multitude of other vehicles are also available; allowing this simulator to truly assess the needs of all drivers. You will be driving the exact same chassis you would on the road with the same driver controls, and the same level of steering and brake feedback. A radio-equipped helmet is also available, along with gloves, shoes, and race suits to fit your needs.  
Vehicles and courses from all categories are available. Dallara engineers are on hand during every session to offer their expert advice, as well as your own engineer. Up to six people can drive the vehicle per session, which satisfies professional racing teams seeking an endurance simulation.

We offer several programs based on the different racing series that our simulator can accommodate. In the program you’ll experience the same familiar driving environment you would on the track, with similar driver controls. Pedals, steering wheel, seat, and all the other controls fitted to our simulator models have been sourced from the same manufacturers that supply the real racing series. We also offer radio-equipped helmets, gloves, shoes, and race suits to make your experience identical to a testing session in the real world.

GT Driver Development
Our customized GT Driver Development program is available to not only professional drivers, but also semi-professional and amateur drivers who want to learn about new tracks, get more comfortable with their own car, or learn and perfect new driving techniques.

We offer full-day, standard 8 hours sessions, but, upon requests, can accommodate half-day4 hours sessions. The price depends on how many sessions are booked. We suggest that you contact us directly to get a quote for the total number of sessions that you plan on booking. The individual price of each session will drop depending on the total sessions that you book. A limit of six people per session can drive the simulator, which is more than enough to simulate an endurance testing and/or racing session.

NTT IndyCar Program
Our IndyCar simulator program was the main motivation behind our Dallara USA simulator. Our simulator is used by our own engineers to gather data for the development of new components. IndyCar teams also use the simulator to perfect their setups for each track. It is a great tool for drivers who seek to learn new tracks and build confidence and comfort to get more comfortable with their car ahead of their first season.

INDY NXT Program
Much like our IndyCar program, the Indy Lights simulator program aims to help our engineers, teams, and drivers to gather data and get more comfortable with the car and the tracks. Using a simulator with such accuracy is the most efficient way to prepare for every race weekend!

LMP2 + LMDh Program
Our LMP2+DPI simulator program has been essential to the development of our universal chassis that satisfies both the LMP2 category in the World Endurance Championship and the DPI category in the IMSA Sports Car Championship. Our partnership with GM and Cadillac in the DPI category has already yielded impressive results, with three consecutive overall wins in the Rolex 24 at Daytona from 2017 onwards, as well as seven wins out of the ten races in our inaugural season in 2017.