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Since 2010 Dallara has exclusively supplied FIA F3 cars, formerly called GP3. This is the first step for a driver to get to Formula 1. The F3 has the same engine of a F2 car, with the difference that it has an aspirated engine whilst the F2 has a turbocharger.



The first season of the series began in 2010 and was remarkably upgraded in 2013 with V6 aspirated 400 hp engines, instead of the previous 280-hp turbocharged units. Compared to the previous F3, the Dallara F3 2019 is larger and has more aggressive aerodynamics that prioritises downforce generation by the underbody, and it also has a DRS system. Entirely compliant with the latest FIA safety regulations, it features the Halo and anti-intrusion side panels.