The Dallara IndyCar Factory opened its doors in 2012 and was established as a joint venture between the Dallara Group and Indy Racing Experience in Speedway, Indiana. Both production sites for Dallara USA and Indy Racing Experience are split in the rear of the building. Along with all the advanced manufacturing that goes on throughout the facility, this led to the collaboration of Dallara and Indy Racing Experience forming the event venue space - Main Street Events (also known as Dallara IndyCar Factory). Located at the front of the building, Main Street Events, has hosted thousands of private events including Weddings, Fundraisers, Conferences, Corporate, and Socials. During your event, MSE offers amenity packages to guest such as a pit stop challenge, two I-racing simulators, or a chance to ride in a street-legal, two-seater IndyCar around the streets of Speedway! Are you ready to have an event filled with a racing experience?

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