Dallara presents the Dallara Stradale Club Italia Limited Edition

The Dallara Stradale Club Italia Limited Edition was presented today in a digital press conference live streamed from the Dallara Academy in Varano de’ Melegari.

The company based in Varano de’ Melegari decided to create a limited edition version of the Dallara Stradale for the Club Italia sports-cultural association, which since 1985 has been the pre-eminent Italian ambassador of a true philosophy of the automobile and a special way of relating to cars.

The history of Club Italia is first and foremost a story that tells of a passion written by and for sophisticated collectors of historic cars. But that’s not all. Because the passion for historic cars, especially Italian ones, is inevitably linked with the passion for beauty in all its forms, to be sought and pursued.

The social objective of Club Italia has always been to promote the image of Italian cars in relation to all their values, whether cultural, technical or social. For this reason, over the years the Club has developed the study of new solutions for creating small limited series, all signed with the Club’s tricolour badge. The Dallara Stradale Club Italia presented today is just the latest chapter of a book that began in 1992 with the Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione 16V Club Italia and continued with the “Fiat Barchetta Club Italia” and the “Alfa 4C Club Italia”. The ending of the book is still safeguarded in the dreams of the Club Italia Members. With the same spirit of love for beauty and for Made in Italy products, special edition motorcycles have also been manufactured, including the “Ducati Monster 900 Club Italia” in 1995, overseen by Piero Ferrari and inspired by the historical cars made in Maranello, and the “Ducati Scrambler Club Italia” of 2020.

With this is mind, Dallara decided to produce a special edition of its car dedicated to the enthusiasts of the Club, whose passion matches the one that inspired Giampaolo Dallara to make his dream come true.
The total production of Dallara Stradale vehicles is limited to 600 units, all numbered. The special Club Italia series cars will be numbered progressively from 201 to 210.

Aesthetic characteristics

  • Complete bodywork made of exposed matte blue carbon fiber.
  • Headlights, mirrors, Aero Device in exposed glossy black carbon fiber
  • Yellow brake calipers.

Exclusive dedicated customizations for the Club Italia version

  • White details on front Aero Device, mirrors, and rear wing (if present in the configuration chosen by the Member).
  • Dedicated Tricolour livery on the driver side and mirrors.
  • Hand-painted Club Italia badge on both sides.
  • Cocoa eco-friendly leather interior with matching stitching and detail.
  • Tricolour on passenger side interior.
  • Additional personalized plate for Club Italia version.
  • Mr. Dallara’s signature on the frame.

Special parts dedicated to Dallara Stradale Club Italia

  • New dedicated main page graphics on the dashboard.
  • Newly designed radiator grilles and engine hood in hexagonal aluminum mesh.
  • Custom knobs (A/C & Engine Map) with exclusive design in milled and anodized aluminum.

 “It was an honor for us to create a limited edition of our Dallara Stradale for our friends of Club Italia. Since its foundation, Club Italia has always played a fundamental role in promoting the image of Italian cars in the world, so it is a source of pride to be part of it with our car.” Giampaolo Dallara, President of Dallara Group

“We created the Dallara Stradale Club Italia project because the mission of each generation is to innovate in the recognizable signature of the generations that preceded it. For almost 20 years, Club Italia has been collaborating with the major Italian car and motorcycle manufacturers to create exclusive series of models that in their respective historical periods represented the most cutting-edge innovation, bringing to life a style recognizable for its elegance, typical of the Club. When Giampaolo Dallara decided to create his first road car, distilling the experience of 50 years of success in motorsport, the attraction between Club Italia and the Varano de' Melegari-based company was inevitable, so much so that Giampaolo Dallara himself was personally involved in the development of the limited series. The Dallara Stradale represents extraordinary excellence in today’s Italian motoring world, because by following the classic winning philosophy of searching for lightness, it embodies the best technology available in terms of materials and the most sophisticated research in aerodynamics and chassis design. The result is an uncompromising design directly inspired by the experience in racing, where form and function coincide, as has always happened in the best design tradition. The success of the collaboration between Dallara and Club Italia is symbolized by the dark matte blue carbon fiber look, a sign that the most technical of all materials can perfectly embody the aesthetic codes typical of the Club Italia series.” Umberto Rossi di Montelera, President of Scuderia Club Italia