Dallara presents: the evolution of the Dallara Stradale

If we could build our dream car, free from all constraints, with the sole objective of making it unique in mind, what would it be like?

Dallara started off with the Stradale – a racing car with a license plate – to create Dallara EXP, a car without compromise. The EXP forfeits the license plate and all limitations dictated by type approval to turn into the ideal synthesis of decades of experience, performance and passion for racing.

EXP as in EXPerience, EXPeriment, EXPonential, EXPertise: Dallara EXP is the sports car built for true connoisseurs, with the ambition of representing the core values of this historic company, of becoming its crown jewel.

Unlike hyper cars, Dallara EXP is not a car to keep locked up in the garage like a trophy. It can't wait to be relished, tested, experienced as a top performing sports tool, like the best skis for extreme downhill runs or the fastest of racing bikes. 

Dallara has made it possible to transform the Stradale into the EXP with the addition of special contents, a modular and reversible process for whoever wants to experience the thrill of driving on the track and then go back and get type approval for the road.

In early tests, the Dallara EXP has been achieving better times than the pole position of GT3 competition cars on the legendary Mugello track. Soon it will be ready for the best circuits around the world, USA included, only waiting to find enthusiasts who can comprehend its extraordinary essence.



Dry weight: 890 kg

Downforce @ top speed: > 1.250 kg

Maximum lateral: > 2,7 G