Academy Bistrot
The Academy Bistrot offers visitors a café and restoration area.
Further tailored services are also available, including welcome coffees, aperitifs and refreshments for individual visits or small groups, catering for standing events , gala dinners and customized services for companies, clubs or rallies.
Info & Reservations: +39 0525-19.82.980 /

The Dallara Academy has a shop where visitors can purchase a vast range of official Dallara merchandise including scale models of the main Dallara vehicles, as well as stationary, apparel, posters and exclusive objects. Furthermore, Dallara offers a wide selection of books and publications dedicated to the history of the company and to the motorsport world.



Architectural Barriers
The Dallara Academy has no architectural barriers.

Cloakroom & Luggage storage
A cloakroom is available for visitors so they may leave their luggage and other belongings in special lockers.

Car Parking
A parking area is available at the Academy for all visitors is available.

Charging Station
Inside the car park there is a 44kW Enel X column for recharging electricity capable of charging two cars at the same time. All the energy supplied by the column comes from renewable sources.

Photographs and videos
Amateur photography and videography for personal use is allowed inside the Dallara Academy. However, anyone wishing to take photographs and video for professional use must first ask a prior authorization with a written request sent to: