The Dallara Academy dedicates particular attention to the younger generation. In fact, an entire area of the building is totally dedicated to Educational Labs: three rooms that host experiments designed and developed by Dallara staff for lower- and upper-middle school students. The educational labs are based on the philosophy of "edutainment", that is, to learn whilst having fun. In the Educational Labs students will be able to experience first hand the laws of physics that are applied in the design and development of racing cars.

The students are taken beyond the study of physics linked only to school experience and involve them directly in activities inspired by the three main skills: the design and production with particular attention to the use of composite materials, aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics.

We set ourselves the challenge of engaging kids in the world of motorsport, having fun and learning complex concepts in an intuitive and fascinating way. The students will be able to experience first hand the different stiffness of composite materials, the working principles of the wind tunnel and the forces to which cars and drivers are subjected during the races.


The educational activity covers both the visit of the exhibition area with the guide and the educational labs.
The program lasts 3 hours and it includes two different experiences: an hour and an half is dedicated to the Exhibition area, with an in-depth look at the brand’s history, competences and models, and an hour and an half is dedicated to the educational labs.

To complete the experience and discover the many excellencies of the Motor Valley and the Food Valley, it is possible to combine a visit to the Dallara Academy with an other kind of activities related to: motors (Varano Racetrack, Kart); food (Musei del Cibo, Monte delle Vigne) and history (castle, Parma).

Our staff is available to organize complementary activities.

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